Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Montana Fly Fishing opportunities with RSM

Father and son on a small mountain stream

How about a nice rainbow

RSM Fly Fishing can provide you with a very diverse fishing trip. As you will see below we can get you into the back country on small mountain streams full of native cutthroat as well as drifting the Yellowstone or fishing the famous spring creeks. Following are just a few examples of our pristine fishing destinations.

A small stream with opportunites
for very large Cutthroat Trout

Drifting the Yellowstone is always a favorite

A nice Yellowstone Brown

A nice Cutthroat all to ourselves

Great Water and notice the crowds

What a beautiful day,,,, the fish is nice too

We believe in catching fish, but we also believe in providing you with secluded fishing in some of the most pristine places that you can imagine.
When you contact us we will focus on your vision of the perfect trip. We will have a discussion with you in the planning stages to determine where your interests lie. Then we will put together a trip that meet and in most cases exceed your expectations.

Give us a call or browse our website or send us an email at . We hope to here from you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Montana and Yellowstone Country - Visit from Greg Senyo and wife Teresa Senyo

Greg and Teressa Senyo came out to visit me in Yellowstone Country. They were interested in finding some Yellowstone Cuts (Their Target is pictured below). We got to spend 2 very enjoyable days hosting Greg and his wife and not surprising they caught a lot of fish.

The first day my son Nathan and I took them into an area that I like that is sure to produce many cutthroat opportunities. After a hike upstream keeping our eyes peeled for bear, we began to fish. Nathan hit the first fish at the head of a pool (pictured below).

Yellowstone Cutthroat
Below was Terresa's first cutty shortly after we got started. I think my smile was bigger than hers. Do you think Greg was a little proud?

Smiles all around